Engineering Service Branch of DJE

Founded in 2006, Engineering Service Branch of DJE (hereinafter referred to as ??Engineering Service Branch??) provides customers of different types with one-stop services of environmental engineering design, construction and operation management through efficient integration of design, construction, debugging, operation and other resources.

The Engineering Service Branch, having successively obtained National Engineering Design of Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control Class B Certificate, Wastewater Special Engineering Design Class B Certificate, Class A Qualification Certificate for Operation of Environmental Pollution Treatment Facilities for Municipal Wastewater and Industrial Wastewater, and Qualification Certificate for Operation of Environmental Protection Facilities, has independently developed the ??complex breaking reactor+ bioreactor?? new process for treating wastewater from electroplating and PCB which has been successfully applied in multiple projects, with the discharged water steadily reaching level 1 discharge standard.

The advanced wastewater treatment process??FBR wastewater ecological treatment technology used in the upgrading and reconstruction engineering service project of Chengnan Wastewater Treatment Plant in the downtown of Heyuan City operated by the company enables the secondary biochemical effluent to stably reach Class III standard in Environmental quality standards for surface water (GB3838-2002), with subsequently constructed wetland as the supplemental treatment facility.

Originated in the U.S., the concept of FBR wastewater ecological treatment technology gradually develops into a wastewater ecological treatment technology with low cost, high efficiency, and aesthetic value, realizing the purpose of water resource recycling. Its fourth-generation technology has been used for the above project.

Scope of business: Design, construction and operation of environmental protection facilities; purchase and sale of environmental protection materials, environmental recycled products, and environmental protection equipment; development, promotion and application of environmental new products and new technologies


Address: Pingzi Road, Nianfeng Village, Pingdi Sub-district, Longgang District, Shenzhen City

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