Qiandeng Three-waste Purifying Co., Ltd.

Established in 1987 and located in Kunshan City of Jiangsu Province, Qiandeng Three-waste Purifying Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ??Qiandeng Three-waste??) is one of the local environmental protection enterprises earliest in implementing resource utilization of copper-containing waste solution. Qiandeng Three-waste was acquired by Dongjiang Environmental in 2004 and implemented reconstruction and expansion during 2005-2007; it has accumulated rich practical experience in process technology and market expansion after over a decade of improvement and perfection.

Qiandeng Three-waste has been evaluated as top 10 large sellers and top 10 large taxpayers among private enterprises of Qiandeng Town, Kunshan City for years; it entered the top 100 taxpaying domestic enterprises of Kunshan City for 2 consecutive years in 2010 and 2011, and was awarded as top 10 taxpaying domestic enterprises of Kunshan City in 2011. It was awarded as a hi-tech enterprise by the provincial science and technology department in 2010, and evaluated as Private Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province. Having consistently taking environmental protection as its own responsibility, Qiandeng Three-waste sticks to the recycling, harmlessness and reduction treatment principles, and actively seeks for advanced process technologies to realize the idea of development of turning waste into wealth, and economic recycling.

Scope of business: Specialized in disposal, treatment and comprehensive utilization of various copper-containing and tin-containing waste solution, spent acid and spent alkali generated by electronic, electroplating and PCB enterprises, etc.

Main products: Copper sulfate, copper oxide, sponge copper, electroplating grade copper sulfate, electroplating grade copper oxide, basic copper chloride, basic copper carbonate, copper hydroxide, copper acetate, basic copper sulfate, copper coated iron, tin hydroxide, aqueous ammonia, hydrochloric acid, copper chloride, phosphoric acid, ferric chloride solution, ferrous chloride solution, acidic etching solution and alkaline etching solution


Address: No. 9 Hejiabang Road, Qiandeng Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province

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