Shaoguan Green Resource Recycling Development Co., Ltd.

Established in September 2006, Shaoguan Green Resource Recycling Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ??Shaoguan Green??) has taken charge of investing, designing, constructing and operating the Hazardous Waste Disposal Center Project in Northern Guangdong. Possessing the franchise right of investing, constructing and operating the above project (approved for construction by the People's Government of Guangdong Province in 2007), Shaoguan Green is also responsible for managing the Hazardous Waste Park in Northern Guangdong, to provide supporting facilities and management services for the day-to-day operation of enterprises in the park. The above project is the largest industrial hazardous waste disposal base and heavy metal resource recycling base in Guangdong and even in the country, being Guangdong Pollution Control and Cleaning Engineering Project, and one important project planned and constructed in the ??11th Five Year Plan?? of Guangdong Province and Shaoguan City.

Scope of business: Possessing the qualification for treating and disposing 42 categories of hazardous waste listed in the National Hazardous Waste Inventory such as HW08, HW17, HW22, HW23, HW31, HW34, HW35, HW41, HW42, HW46 and HW48; effective recovery of substances utilizable in the valuable metals such as zinc, copper, indium, germanium, bismuth, lead and antimony, and electronic waste; reduction and harmlessness treatment and disposal of waste without utilization value such as specific incineration, physical/chemical treatment, and stabilization/solidification and landfill

Main products: Sub-zinc oxide, blister copper, crude iron, lead bullion, refined lead, refined tin, zinc-chromium-iron alloy, indium, germanium, bismuth, etc.


Address: Jiangjuntun, Tielong Town, Wengyuan County, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province

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