Huizhou Dongjiang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2002, Huizhou Dongjiang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ??Huizhou Dongjiang??) possesses perfect facilities for collecting, transporting, storing, treating and disposing hazardous waste. Huizhou Dongjiang is equipped with professional management systems such as GPRS in vehicles for transporting hazardous waste, CCTV surveillance during the treatment and disposal, online monitoring of wastewater discharge, and emergency response team for environmental accidents, and also possesses the treatment and disposal facilities and supporting facilities for annual treatment of 20 thousand tons of copper-containing spent etchant, 10 thousand tons of heavy-metal-bearing sludge, and 75 thousand tons of high-concentration industrial wastewater.

Scope of business: Treatment of HW17, HW46, HW22, HW21, HW22, HW34, HW35, and HW49

Main products: Basic copper chloride and copper sulfate series of products, nickel carbonate and nickel sulfate


Address: No. 39 Lianfa Avenue, Tongqiao Industrial Park, Tongqiao Town, Zhongkai Hi-Tech Development Zone, Huizhou City

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