Hubei Tianyin Circular Economic Development Co., Ltd.

Located at Jiangling County Industrial Park (Yanjiang Industrial Park) and established in May 2012, Hubei Tianyin Circular Economic Development Co., Ltd. has become a holding subsidiary of Dongjiang Environmental in 2015, is an environmental and hi-tech enterprise specialized in recovery and recycling of renewable resources, and harmlessness treatment of solid waste, and is a member of China Resource Recycling Association and China National Resources Recycling Association.

Scope of business: Infrastructure investment for circular economy; investment, and operation management of renewable resource projects; recovery, processing and utilization of productive and unproductive waste and old materials, treatment of solid waste and hazardous waste, and dismantling of scraped automobiles; disposal of 7 categories of imported waste substances; the business covering treatment of waste electrical and electronic products, automobile dismantling, and hazardous waste treatment, etc.


Address: Jiangling Yanjiang Industrial Park, Jingzhou City (the central city in southwest of Hubei), Hubei Province

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