Xiamen Oasis Environmental Industrial Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Oasis Environmental Industrial Co., Ltd. (Xiamen Oasis) was established in 2000, and became a holding subsidiary of Dongjiang Environmental Company Limited after 60% equity acquisition in June 2014. Xiamen Oasis is an environmental professional operator engaging in waste management and environmental services, with main business covering treatment and disposal of industrial hazardous waste, disposal of medical waste, and dismantling of waste electrical and electronic products. Xiamen Oasis, in the disposal of industrial hazardous waste, is one of the two enterprises in Fujian Province currently having obtained comprehensive qualification for treating and disposing hazardous waste, possesses the ability and qualification for disposal (incineration) of industrial hazardous waste, and is responsible for centralized disposal of industrial hazardous waste collected from the whole Fujian Province, with the largest disposal scale in the province.

In the aspect of medical waste disposal, Xiamen Oasis has constructed and operated centralized disposal projects for medical waste in Fujian Xiamen, Sanming, Nanping and Longyan, etc. in the manner of BOT and setting up the special project companies. Currently the medical waste disposal business of Xiamen Oasis has realized the strategic distribution and service network from south to north in Fujian Province, with good market basis and brand awareness.

Xiamen Oasis is among the first batch of enterprises having obtained fund subsidies for waste electrical and electronic products treatment in Fujian Province. The technology and management level of the dismantling production line of waste electrical products of Xiamen Oasis at present are leading in the same industry in the country; Xiamen Oasis, through collaborative operation of the comprehensive treatment mode of ??harmless disposal+resource recycling??, has constructed a multi-channel recovery system spreading all over the whole Fujian Province, and a specialized and diversified waste electrical and electronic products dismantling treatment line, with the overall scale of resource recycling ranking the forefront in Fujian Province.

The ??Xiamen Oasis Resource Recycling Industrial Park?? project actively constructed by Xiamen Oasis entered the list of fourth batch of national ??Urban Mine?? demonstration bases in July 2013. The planned floor space of the park is 525mu, and the goal of the park is to become the first eco-industrial park for pollution control and recycling of solid waste based on the disposal center for solid waste including hazardous waste, waste sludge (municipal sludge and industrial sludge), waste plastic and waste tires, and waste electromechanical products and hardware, etc. in Xiamen City, Fujian Province. The project will also guarantee the stable operation and future sustainable development of Xiamen Oasis.

Scope of business: Treatment of industrial hazardous waste, disposal of medical waste, dismantling of waste electrical products, operation management of environmental protection facilities, environmental technology consulting, environmental management programs, etc.


Address: 15th Floor, CCRE Building-B, No. 668 Xiahe Road, Xiamen City

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